Acquisitions Case Studies

Lyle - $4.7million purchase of 2 hospitality businesses

John - 3 Multi million deals in property mangement

Suhail - £1.5million of deals closed in beauty and cosmetics 

Jeff - $30million business in book distribution niche

Borislav - $13million trucking company in Chicago

Alaric - Consulting for equity deals in multiple niches

Dean - Multi million of deal closed in Australia

Cliff - Bought two businesses - $400k net income

Spencer - Pitch for a landscaping business in Canada, $6m+

James Owens - Multi million of deals closed in the US

Leonardo - bought an assisted living facility in the US, $1m+ revenues

Bernard - Closed on a $4million film production company

Mohan - Doctor acquired a medial clinic

Robert and Shirmila - bought 2 local businesses

Miriam - acquired 3 construction businesses in less than a year

Eric  - dentist acquired $4m business in the construction space

Aryeh - former waiter bought a hotel in Israel

Bill - acquired a healthcare company in 6 weeks after joining the program

Reza  - engineer acquired two construction businesses - $17m in revenues

Juan - acquired a health business in South America

Michael - acquired 2 manufacturing businesses £22m in revenues

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